Our Smokefree Trust

Dorset HealthCare went completely smokefree in April 2017 in a bid to promote and support good health for our staff, service users and their families/carers.

This means it not permitted for anyone to smoke on any of our Trust premises.

We all have a responsibility to ensure we promote healthy lifestyles, prevent illness and recognise the right everyone has to breathe clean air.

All NHS trusts in England are required to be completely smokefree by 2020.

The move to ban smoking at the Trust is so far proving successful, but we realise this is a big a culture change that will take time to implement fully, and we ask for your support in helping us achieve this.

This page is dedicated to our smokefree campaign, and will enable you to find out what a smokefree Trust means for everyone.

Download our brief guide to vaping


The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) and New Nicotine Alliance have produced a series of short videos inspired by people who have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, as well as a host of other smoking related topics. Click here to view their YouTube page.


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