Sue Howshall - Public Governor for Dorset/Rest of England & Wales

I graduated from Aston University and spent my postgraduate year at the Royal Hampshire Hospital, Winchester. Immediately on qualifying as a pharmacist I went to Nigeria for Voluntary Service Overseas and faced many challenges in the hospital in Benin City. My involvement in charity hospital work has continued alongside my career and I have been out to Ukraine, post Chernobyl, and more recently, Uganda. I have also worked in a British Military hospital in Germany.

In community pharmacy I have worked for large chains but my major achievement was establishing a pharmacy in semi-rural Dorset. I successfully ran this pharmacy for 12 years before selling it to semi-retire. Whilst I owned the pharmacy I was, for several years, chairman of the Dorset branch of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

I took a short-term contract with Dorset PCT, writing Patient Group Directions (PGDs) which allowed nurses in community hospitals to supply drugs to certain patients without a doctor being present. I had the opportunity to visit some of these outlying hospitals. I also returned to doing community locums.

In the last 10 years I have been a member of the Fitness to Practice Committee at the General Pharmaceutical Council in London. I work as a panel of three accessing cases that come before us. We put into place any measures such as erasure, suspension, conditions or a warning that will protect the public. I retired as a pharmacist 31st December 2016 which gives me more time for my voluntary activities.

I have many contacts with my local community and hope to be a point of contact for feeding back to the Council of Governors.

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