Dorset Recovery Education Centre

COVID-19 pandemic service update: Recovery Education can be accessed online through podcasts, videos, webinars and study groups. Tailored support , including home study packs, are also available for those unable to access online.

To have your say on the future of the REC and plans for a return to face to face delivery contact us, or complete this short survey.


How do I access Recovery Education?

We have different online learning options including podcasts, worksheets and videos. During term time we also run a programme of webinars (both standard access and enhanced access), these are opportunities to share learning with others and hear from our trainers/

Information about all of these can be found in Learn online; where you can search by topic and find a variety of different resources, see course descriptions and our current timetable of webinars. 

To book onto webinars you need to be registered and enrolled with us. If you are already enrolled as a student and would like to access a Webinar please contact us, and subject to availability we will be able to book you a space. For more information
please contact the team on 01202 584478.

If you would like to access resources ‘offline’ please contact us to explore the options.

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