Common Questions About Our Service

Below is a list of questions often asked by patients. If you have a query you might find the answer here.

  1. How do you get to Frederick Treves House (or any other clinic location)?
    Our booklet is sent out containing directions with every new appointment letter. Please see the Locations area of the website.
  2. Also, please see our Transport Page for more information on eligibility for Patient Transport Services.
  3. I have put the postcode for Frederick Treves House in my SatNav and nothing has come up?
    Please see the Locations area of the website with clear postcodes and maps.
  4. Can I have an earlier appointment?
    Patients are always given the choice of the next available appointment so the appointment given is always the earliest one. Whilst bringing your appointment forward is not usually possible, we will always try to do our best to accommodate your needs, e.g. reschedule for another/later date.
  5. Why am I not seeing an orthopaedic consultant surgeon?
    You have been referred to see an orthopaedic specialist who has been trained to thoroughly assess your problem and formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan. If you need to see a consultant surgeon (or any other healthcare professional) after your appointment, all the necessary arrangements will be made. Click here to see our team of orthopaedic practitioners.
  6. Why have I been referred to your service?
    Your general practitioner (GP) has asked for an in-depth assessment of your condition/problem. Our trained team of experienced doctors and practitioners will carry out a full examination (and if needed, any further tests) to provide a diagnosis and treatment where possible. Please see the Appointment section of the website.
  7. I have a new appointment with your service - is this for an MRI Scan?
    No. We may refer you for an MRI scan if this is appropriate. Sometimes this can help in the assessment and diagnosis of your problem. However, very often this is not necessary.
  8. Can I speak to a specific Practitioner?
    Practitioners work from different locations and are not usually on hand to answer phone calls as they run very busy clinics. We are happy to take a message and if you need to speak to them directly, they will always get back to you as soon as they are able. Please contact us if you wish to leave a message for a practitioner.
  9. I have had a letter saying I have been referred to a consultant but haven't heard anything yet?
    If you have been referred on, there will always be a short wait of a few weeks, (usually at most) before being sent the new appointment. Our team of medical secretaries are very quick, but we have no control over how other departments and hospitals handle their appointments.
  10. May I have a follow-up appointment next week?
    Follow up appointments are usually not available within one or two weeks as these are very over subscribed
  11. I was last seen a year ago can I make a follow-up appointment?
    "SOS" or 'as needed' appointments can only be made for six months after the last appointment, otherwise a new referral is required.
  12. My practitioner has referred me for physio - when will I get an appointment?
    Each physio department has a different way of offering you an appointment. If you have not heard within three weeks we advise that you contact the relevant physio department to see if they have received your appointment and where you are on their waiting list.
  13. I have been referred for an epidural, under Dorset MSK- where can I find out more information?
    Please see our Epidural Service section for a complete explanation and related questions/answers.
  14. I cannot make my appointment time, can I have an earlier/later time in the clinic?
    Unfortunately this is usually not possible due to clinics being full and having pre-determined times for all appointments. You may contact us to discuss changing your appointment time.
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